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Bits of Wisdom ~ Animal Totem Meanings, Chakra Meanings,
Feng Shui Tips, and Visual Meditation
Here you can learn about some of the Inspirations behind John and
Jeanne's Art, and more about the Symbolism that we use. We share
Animal Totem Meanings, Symbolism in Nature, Feng Shui Tips,
information on the Chakra System, and Philosphies of Art.
Animal Totem Meanings: These are short and basic meanings of Animal
Totems. You can read more extensive symbolisms on our Conscious Art
Studios Blog
Conscious Art Studios Blog

Turtle : Longevity, Motherhood, The Feminine,  Healing, Caretaker of

Snake: Rebirth, Shedding of the Past, Transformation, Wisdom

Wolf: Guardianship, Loyalty, Spirit, Community

Bear: Power, Healing, Decision Making

Rabbit: Fertility, New Life, Defense

Otter: Laughter and Happiness in spite of the circumstances,
Awareness of Surroundings

Butterfly: Dance of Joy, Faerie Realm, Joy, Gentleness

Deer: Innocence, Grace, New Adventures, Delicate, Family Bond,

Raven/Crow: Manifestation, Communication, Resourcefulness, Working
Together for common goal, Messages

Frog: Abundance, Creative Power, Cleansing

Jumping Antelope: Freedom

Elephant: Strength, Loyalty, Knowledge of Earth, Strong Family, Society

Spider: Creativity, Weaving of Fate

Buffalo: Abundance, Nurturing,  Spirituality

Coyote: Trickster, Wisdom, Close-knit Family, Cooperation

Ant: Teamwork, Community

Dragonfly: Light, Transformation, Adpatability, Ability to maneuver the

Lizard: Being able to leave behind the things you no longer need,
Intuition, Dreamtime

Owl: Vision, Wisdom, Omen, Magic

Grasshopper: Leaping for new opportunities

Heron: Grace, Transformation

Duck: Relationships, Calming

Dolphin: Intelligence, Communication

Horse: Strength, Speed, Journey, Freedom

Mountain Lion: Leadership, Fair, Balance

Badger: Keeper of the Stories

Squirrel: Preparedness, Work Hard and Play Hard

Hawk: Vision, Power

Eagle: Victory, Regal, Power

Beaver: Building of Dreams

Raccoon: Dexterity, Disguise

Seahorse: Balancing Emotions, Magical

Quail: Protection, Nourishment

Hummingbird: Joy, Happiness, Energy, Reminder to eat several small
meals throughout the day

Moose: Majestic, Wise, Stands up for beliefs

Cougar: Personal Power

Eel: Spiritual Transformation, Observation
Feng Shui Tips

Your home is a reflection of who you are. It is here that you return at the
end of the day for nurturing, inspiration, rest, and renewal. I believe
that great care should be taken to create a home that inspires you to
take a deep breath and smile when you walk through the door. When
your space is in harmony, it is a center of energy, a place for you to
become grounded.
As we go through our day we expose ourselves to the energies of
others, power struggles, confrontations, and stress. When we
communicate with other people, we are encountering their times of
happiness, sadness, excitement or lack of excitement and possibly
carry this with us. Often we may feel periods of anxiousness without
ever knowing why. It may be at these times that we are on an overload
of diverse energy.
Have you ever noticed that you experience times of feeling stressed,
but after spending times outdoors you feel better, uplifted, lighter, and
more serene? The outdoors grounds us. It renews or connection with
the Earth and balance. It is this energy that we wish to integrate into our
home. Feng Shui is one tool that we can use to achieve this.

Symbolic Meanings of types of Wood Furniture:
Cedar – healing and protection
Cherry- love
Mahogany – protection against lightening
Maple- love and money
Oak- health, luck, protection, strength
Pine- healing and money
Rattan- luck and strength
Teak- riches
Walnut- health

A few Feng Shui Cures for:

Health and Family Sectors:
Healthy Plants
Paintings of gardens and landscapes
Floral prints
Wooden décor
Photos of family
Blue and Green

Fame Sector
Artwork of people and animals
Triangle shapes
Images of people you respect

Love Sector
Pairs of things
Red, Pink, White
Representations of mandarin ducks or penguins
Romantic items

Children / Creativity Sector
Whimsical, colorful art
Blossoming flowers

Helpful People Sector
Art of religious figures
White, Gray, or Black

Water element
Artwork of water scenes
Items with company name

Art of mountains
Black, green, or blue
Meditation items
Chakra Energy Healing

The foundational belief of Chakra Healing is that to achieve a state of well
being our body must act together as an integrated whole, physically,
emotionally, and spiritually.  In order to achieve wellness, we must not view
our state of health solely on one of these factors, but all combined. Our
emotional, mental, and spiritual essence all play a vital role in our physical
health, our ability to heal, and to maintain balance.
The word Chakra is the Sanskrit name for wheel, and Chakras are spinning
wheels of energy. There are many Chakras throughout our bodies, although
there are seven main Chakras that will be concentrated on in this guide,
Root – Sacral – Solar Plexus – Heart – Throat – Brow – and Crown.  
When our Chakras are balanced we are in union and are in a stronger state
to fight illness and manage stress. When our Chakras are imbalanced, we
will find that the affected Chakras may have too fast or slow of a spin or be

The Root Chakra
The Root Chakra is our foundation. It is here that we gather our energy to get up in the morning
and follow our daily routine with a zest for life while staying balanced. This is where we ground.
The Root holds our “fight or flight” essence, our survival mechanism. It links us with the
physical and material world. Our motivation lies here.
This chakra encompasses our traditional values that were learned through our family and
connected community, as well as the values that we have integrated into our spiritual and
emotional self.
Within this chakra, we have the ability to manifest our dreams.

The Sacral Chakra
The Sacral Chakra represents our passion. It is our passion for life as well as passion for
others and ourselves. Here lies ours creativity and expression, an avenue to release the
worries and fears we hold collectively in our root chakra.
The Sacral Chakra is associated with the water element therefore deals heavily with emotions.
It is where we experience not only pleasure but emotional pain as well. Sex, power, money,
blame, and guilt are all issues in this chakra.
This is where we exude our personal identity.

The Solar Plexus
The Solar Plexus is our personal power, our personality and ego. It is from this place that we
live our lives according to the ethics and self discipline that we have formulated into our
personality. It reflects our courage and understanding of our self. It represents our
contentment with self and the level of self esteem we live by.
The solar plexus in a balanced state should feel optimistic and confident; not only in who you
are, but also in how you do what you do. It has a warm strong feeling as it is represented by the
fire element. It is being able to let go of the nagging need to control and learn to accept. It is
being able to accept personal criticism without allowing it to emotionally damage you. The
essence is being able to understand the self and our personal power, and then accept and
embrace it.

The Heart Chakra
The Heart Chakra is the energy center where love and compassion are the focus, love and
compassion for ourselves as well as within our relationships. In this space we develop our set
of values and ethics in special regard to our inter-personal relationships, how we treat others,
what we can and cannot accept, and the inspiration to initiate compassionate acts.
It is being able to forgive and not hold on to resentments and pain, to walk through life without
rejecting people for the simple fear of being hurt. It is being accepting of yourself and feeling a
love for yourself that rejects the fear of loneliness. It allows us to participate in relationships
without allowing jealously and manipulation rule all the decisions and emotions.

The Throat Chakra
The Throat Chakra is the energy center that contains our ability of self-expression. It is here
that we use our skills of communication. It is not only about being able to speak our truth in a
gracious manner, but encompasses our skills of active listening which is equally important in
When reading your throat chakra, a balance in this center should feel strong and not stifled. A
flow of energy should be felt. Being able to speak your thoughts clearly and truthfully is
optimum. When you become conscious of your communications, and find yourself not
speaking out when your true desire is to do so, or only speaking half of your feelings for fear of
the reaction, then you will realize an imbalance lies here.

The Brow Chakra
The Brow Chakra or “Third Eye” is the center from which our intuition comes. It is about
perception, insight and vision. It is here that we can perceive the “Big Picture”. When we have
dealt with many of the lessons of the lower chakras, the function of the third eye comes much
easier and more naturally. The more we trust in our intuition, our connection with our higher
power, and ourselves, the flow of intuition becomes greater.

When the Brow Chakra is in balance, we are able to respect our insight on a larger scale. We
are able to consciously work with the perception without cloudy thoughts or confusion
hampering the journey.
The physical aspects that can manifest are headaches and nightmares. When the brow chakra
is overactive we may have a tendency to be egotistical and dogmatic. When it is underactive
we may experience a lack of concentration, fear of success, and be setting our sights too low.

The Crown Chakra
Our spiritual connection is found within the crown chakra. It is in this place that we feel a union
with our Higher Power. The feeling that all is as it should be, not knowing why, and being
accepting of that, is what we can feel here. Having faith in the Divine and a partnership with
Mother Earth is result from the balance in this chakra. It radiates peace and love.
Owl's Breath Native Flute Meditation Video
by John Fry
Time Lapse Video of Jeanne Fry creating a painting in her series "Extracting
the Raw"