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Native Impressions Native Flute Music
by John Fry & Chance Meeting

The 2005 release, Impressions, offers you a variety of music with a classic,
jazzy, world beat blend.  Within the melodic tones of the keyboards, guitar, bass,
djembe, didgeridoo, shakers and steel flute, weaves the voice of the Native
American Cedar Flute, gorgeous and solemn.
Produced by and Featuring John Fry and Chance Meeting.
Play time is approximately 70 minutes.
There are 9 tracks on the CD
You can read the track list and purchase Native Impressions here:
Native Impressions
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Native Flute Music

Tribal Journey - Native Flute Music by John J. Fry

For the Beauty and the Peace that the Native Flute brings, we bring you a
Journey, a Tribal Journey, that allows you to find your Center and a deep sense
of Relaxation. This is what the Native Flute brings to us, and we hope what it can
bring to you. "Tribal Journey" is a collaboration of the Flute, Udu, Frame Drum,
Guitar, and Bass. John J Fry is a Native Flute and World Musician of Eastern
Cherokee Descent. He has been playing Tribal Instruments for over 18 years. I
hope you enjoy this Tribal Journey.
Wado, John

1 ~ Relations  4:18
2 ~ Mountain Light  5:00
3 ~ Red Clay 4:05
4 ~ Flute Spirit 5:20
5 ~ Earth Beat  5:25
6 ~ Native Sun  5:28
7 ~ Wolf Laurel  6:03
8 ~ Owl's Breath  5:50
9 ~ Sundown  5 :03
10 ~ Cedar Bamboo  

You can purchase Tribal Journey here:
Tribal Journey
Flute Music Native Impressions by John Fry
Red Roads - Native Flute Music by
John J. Fry

For those of you that enjoy the simplicity of the Native American Flute and Drum,
without all of the contemporary music accompaniments, this is the CD for you.
John features the lovely relationship of the Flute and Drum together.
Produced and Composed by John Fry
Playtime is 62 minutes.
There are 10 Tracks on the CD

You can view the track list and purchase Red Roads here:
Red Roads
Native Flute Music Red Roads by John Fry

"Reclaim Your Inner Peace"
Spoken Guided Meditations with Native Flute Music
by John and Jeanne Fry

This meditation CD offers simple guided meditations to help you restore
balance, release worries, and attain a peaceful, harmonious conjunction of the
Body, Mind, and Spirit.
1. Introduction
2. Letting Go
3. Affirming the Positive - A Chakra Balancing
4. Connecting to the Divine
5. Gratefulness
6. Closing

The "Letting Go" meditation is designed to assist in releasing worries that
prevent us from keeping a positive and inspired state of mind.
"Connecting with the Divine" is a meditation to strengthen your connection with
the Divine and your guides.
"Affirming the Positive" is a Chakra Balancing meditation. The Chakra system
is an ancient healing system in which the core belief is that to achieve
well-being our body must be integrated emotionally, spiritually, and physically.
We focus on the seven main chakras (spinning wheels of energy within the
body) in this meditation.
Meditations and Narration: Jeanne Fry
Native Flute Compositions: John J. Fry
Produced by : John J. Fry and Jeanne Fry

You can learn more about Reclaim your Inner Peace and purchase here:
Reclaim Your Inner Peace
John J. Fry

John Fry  is of Cherokee and Irish
Heritage, with his grandmothers
descending from the Long Hair
Clan of the Eastern Band
Cherokee. He has 20 years
experience as a Native Flute
Performer, Musician, and
John enjoys blending other
cultural instruments with the
Native Flute as well as setting it
into music with modern
instruments. He is a Native Flute
instructor and crafts a small
collection of Cedar Flutes.
John leads Flute Meditation
sessions for wellness centers
and in the corporate arenas, and
is  a Drum Circle Facilitator.
His CD's have been featured on
NPR Radio and in the Museum of
the Cherokee as well as various
John is a Jewelry designer, Cedar
Flute Craftsman, and CD Producer .
Jeanne Fry

Jeanne Fry has been playing the
piano since the age of 4. She was
trained in a classical style and
performed in many recitals, led
the chorus throughout school, and
was able to expound on that
experience when she attended the
School for the Gifted.
Taking a break for a few years
after she had her children, she
returned to piano and extended to
the keyboards to allow her to play
more easily with others in
performance settings. Her
musical interest has expanded
from classical to blues, jazz, and
world music.
Jeanne includes light percussion
on frame drum, djembe, and
shakers, and is now studying
Jeanne is an Art Doll Sculptor,
Pianist,  Painter, and Teaching
The Native Flute Music we offer here in our online gallery  is
performed and produced by John Fry. John's music is performed in
an Eastern Woodlands Style. This Flute Music is often regarded as
Meditation Music because of it's Relaxing qualities. His recent cds
include  Tribal Journey, Native Impressions, Red Roads, and
Reclaim your Inner Peace.
Flute Music Tribal Journey by John Fry
Eastern Woodlands Style Cedar Flutes
John Fry Native American Flute Performer
John and Jeanne Fry Native Flute Wedding Performances
Painted Gourd Ceremonial Rattles with Wrapped Handles
Artisan Crafted by John Fry and Painted by Jeanne Fry
You can find our current selection of Gourd Rattles, Frame Drums, and
Shakers here in our Etsy Shop  
Rattles and Shakers on Etsy
Eastern Woodland Style
Cedar Flutes Crafted  by
Artisan John Fry

Preserved with Natural Oils
No Stains Used
Signature and Symbols Burned

Native Flute Lessons and Circles
offered in NC and SC.
(c) Copyright Conscious Art Studios
John Fry Flute Performance
Cedar Flutes Artisan Crafted by John Fry
Native Flute Cedar by John Fry
Flute Crafted from Cedar by Artisan John Fry
Native Flute Crafted by Artisan John Fry
Native Flute with Clear Quartz Crafted by John Fry
Cedar Native Flute Artisan Crafted by John Fry
Bear Totem Painted Gourd Ceremony Rattle with Leather Wrap Handle
Natural Form Painted Gourd Ceremony Rattle with Sheepskin Wrap Handle
Owl Totem Painted Gourd Ceremony Rattle
Crow Totem with Trees Painted Gourd Ceremony Rattle with Jute Cord Wrap
Healing Hands Painted Gourd Ceremony Rattle with Blue Leather Wrap
Gourd Frame Drums
Frames are sealed in a preservative and conditioning oil and covered with a Goat Skin
Drum Head, then laced with Sinew.
Out of Stock
Crow Totem Painted Gourd Frame Drum with Goat Skin Head
Bear Totem Custom Gourd Frame Drum with Goat Skin Head
Owl Totem Painted Gourd Frame Drum with Goat Skin Head
Lizard Totem Painted Gourd Frame Drum with Goat Skin Head
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John Fry native Flute Meditations
Groud Frame Drum Lacing Demo by John Fry