Teaching Residencies by John and Jeanne Fry
Conscious Art Studios

Jeanne and John Fry are Teaching Artists, who offer Residencies for Art in the Schools in NC and SC.
Residencies Currently Offered are

Storytelling ~ The Importance of our Oral History

Re-Inventing the Gourd ~ Sculpting from Nature

Peace Tile  Project ~ Community Mural

Construction of Peace Flags / Prayer Flags


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"Peace Tile Project"

Jeanne is a member of the International   Peace Tile Project.

Students create works of art that when combined with
others, produce vibrant murals. Each Mural focuses on a
centralized social theme that can be chosen by the Teacher
to correlate with current studies.

The Peace Tile project integrates well into the classroom
and curriculum standards by:
* Learning Visual Arts Collage and Composition
* Applying creativity to problem solving locally and globally
*Team Building: Intergroup communication and cooperation
* Social Studies: Raise awareness connections across
geography and culture.
* Global Issues: Learn about issues in their global
* Self Expression: Gives students a "Visual Voice" around a

Students create their art on  6x6 wooden tiles using
painting and collage techniques. Tiles are later assembled
into a Traveling Mural to display at their school. The Mural
can be easily transported to other locations if desired, such
as neighboring schools or facilities.

(The theme used in the images shown was "Love your
Earth", where the students explored various ways to be
kind to Earth and be Eco-Friendly.

This can be a 2-5 day Residency
Small Supplies Fee is Attached to this Residency
"Re-inventing the Gourd ~ Sculpting from Nature"
Beginning with a Gourd, Jeanne leads the students through
a process of transforming this bit of nature into a figure of
Art that can be whimsical and expressive.
Using the Gourd as the base of the sculpture along with
specialty clays and wire armatures  in the sculpting process,
the students are allowed to create a figure that is
representative of themselves or correlates with a cultural
theme in their current curriculum.
Students learn aspects of Gourd Craft, 3-D Principles, and
Visual Composition.

Jeanne's process in embellishing the sculptures uses as
many Found and Recycled objects as possible, making this a
form of Outsider Art.

Five Day Residency
This residency requires a minimum of (5)  45-60 minutes

There is an additional fee attached to residency for supplies *****  
Storytelling-The Art of Oral Traditions
John Fry, of Cherokee and Irish  descent and his wife
Jeanne, take you on a journey to another time with their
stories and the beautiful serene tones of the Native
American Flute and the Heartbeat of the Drum. Their
special stories for children and adults have been passed
on to them by elders and will inspire you, reconnecting  
you with the old ways and  the culture found in the
Eastern Woodlands.

The residency includes:
Storytelling Performance by John and Jeanne
Discussion of the Oral History and it's Importance as an Art
Teaching the Students how to Tell a Story and Engage
their Audience
Interactive Circle of Story Sharing by Students

Students will learn about storytelling as an art form,  the
dynamics of a story, and the importance of expression
while they are taught a pre determined and age
appropriate story from John and Jeanne. During the
residency the students will practice the art of storytelling
and learn about character development, story
components, and purpose of story.  The residency
concludes with an interactive "Storylodge", where the
students will have the opportunity to perform the story
they learned during their residency time with Jeanne and

Continued support of Storytelling as an Art Form
Nurturing Peer Support
Boosting Self Esteem and Encouragement of  Public

This Residency can be offered as a 5 day residency,  or as
an Individual Storytelling Performance
Peace Flags Residency

Using Textiles and Mixed Media Techniques, students will
The History  of Peace Flags / Prayer Flags
How to Use Symbolism and Intention in Art
How to create with Textiles and Fabric Mediums
Self Expression

Students will construct their own set of Peace Flags, and
design their theme using  fiber mediums and  acrylics.

This is a 2-3 Day Residency