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Touch Drawing Facilitation by Jeanne Fry

Touch Drawing with Facilitator Jeanne Fry
Touch Drawing is a simple yet profound process. All you do is touch paper that has been placed over a surface of paint. The resulting impressions
are seen on the other side of the page. Lines flow directly from your fingertips. Once you have completed the drawing and feel like you are turn the paper over and see the painting.

The images are a visual record of your inner process. They reflect your personal journey in which the "Inner Face" is a core practice.
You can create several drawings during your  session allowing for great freedom of expression.

Jeanne's Sessions are guided by music and voice, creating a relaxing yet inspiring space for realizing your creative potential. This is an excellent
method to use especially for writers and artists who may feel blockages, creating a new outlet.

At the conclusion of each session, the paintings that you created can be:
* Made into Storyboards
* Made into Journals
* or Finely accented with Oil Pastels and Matted for Hanging

Touch  Drawing has endless applications as a tool for therapy, creativity, and spiritual awareness. Many use this inspiring technique in art
workshops, spiritual enhancement workshops , or in environments  such as hospice, domestic violence support , cancer patient support and
other similar areas in need of emotional and spiritual expression.

During the workshop we will focus on connecting with your Inner Muse and bridging the gap between your intuition and creativity.
Participants in my workshops generally create 30 - 50 paintings in each session. Depending on the length of the workshop, secondary steps in
their process can be taken such as creating journal pages or adding fine detail with pastels, OR a secondary session can be scheduled to take
the paintings to an additional level.

All materials are included in my workshops.
All workshops must have a minimum of 6 students and can have a maximum of 20.
Keep checking back for my next scheduled workshop. I offer workshops in SC, NC,and Ga. To inquire about having me come facilitate a Touch
Drawing Workshop for your group, email me at:   
Email Facilitator JeanneFry
Touch Drawing Workshops by Jeanne Fry
Touch Drawing Demonstration by Jeanne Fry
Touch Drawing was created by Deborah Koff-Chapin in 1974, the creator of the Soul Cards. For more
information on this process you can visit:  
Official Touch Drawing Website
Touch Drawing Set up Workshop by Jeanne Fry
Touch Drawing the Artist Within by Jeanne Fry
Meditation Touch Drawing by Jeanne Fry
Touch Drawing by Jeanne Fry
We are all connected Touch Drawing by Jeanne Fry
Process of Initial Touch Drawing and adding Oil
Pastels to finish.
Touch Drawing Journal
Process of transforming an initial Touch Drawing into a
Student Artwork from
Facilitating Session
Touch Drawing Journaling Workshop by Jeanne Fry
Touch Drawing Journaling
Jeanne Fry Touch Drawing Facilitator
Touch Drawing Demonstration by
Jeanne Fry Facilitator