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Conscious Art Studios

Jeanne and John Fry are Fine Artisans, who individually were involved in the Arts most of their lives, and came together  personally and
professionally. Since that time they have created Conscious Art Studios which encompasses their passions in Visual and Performing Arts. Together
they create visual works from various mediums; sculpture, paintings, woodworking, and mixed media.
Within performing arts, they offer storytelling performances, and music that focuses on the Native American Flute, which is from John’s heritage. The
Music that they offer are forms of Meditation and are meant to bring Relaxation and Peacefulness to their listeners.
Because story is so important to them, it is reflected in all of their artworks. Each sculpture or painting designed comes with the story that inspired it.
Their personal and professional lives have blended into one, due to their absolute love of the Arts and sharing it with their community. During their
time together they have participated in exhibiting on the art show circuits, teaching children’s art programs, organizing art and music shows,
volunteering time with their local art organizations, offering storytelling performances to local schools and libraries, and participating  in fundraisers.
Their mission is to continue creating and evolving their own body of work, while participating in community endeavors to promote the Arts, for the
Arts is the way that we tell the story of ourselves as human beings.
I’m very pleased to recommend John and Jeanne Fry as a
storytellers, musicians, and just all-around nice people! They
were a pleasure to work with as one of the Anderson County
Library’s Starburst Storytellers during its recent week-long
festival. Their wonderful talent, warm personalities, and
willingness to adapt to unforeseen circumstances greatly
contributed to making the festival a success. Many of the
students have been studying the Cherokee history and
heritage during this semester and John and Jeanne’s
Cherokee tales and accompanying original music were great
helps in reinforcing those studies.

Marybeth Evans
Community Services Coordinator
Anderson County Library System
Anderson, South Carolina
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